5 Expected Google Ranking Factors in 2022

Aashi Bhatnagar  | 5 min

2022 is nearing. The year 2021 passed with a speed of light, but that’s what it is. As much as the year is nearing an end, the Digital Marketers are already analyzing the latest updates Google is expected to roll next year.

This blog will make their job a bit easy as we list some of the most expected Google ranking factors in 2022.

Expected Google Ranking Factors in 2022

Check out some of the most important expected Google ranking factors in 2022 below.

  • 1. More Emphasize on Naturally Occurring Keywords: Google hates keyword stuffing, and that’s not a hidden fact.

    But we do expect Google to be more strict with this factor in the upcoming updates. The websites using keywords naturally in their content will be Google’s favourite.

    On the other hand, the websites practicing keyword stuffing might be penalized without a moment of delay.

    So, if you are thinking to create a website right now, forget the concept of keyword stuffing at all. Keep your content natural, and ensure that you don’t overuse the keywords by any means.

  • 2. Sites with Better Page Experience will Win: Google recently rolled out the page experience update . Expect Google to be more concerned with the page experience users are getting on the websites.

    Thus, if you already have your website, or are thinking to create one, don’t miss out on any aspect of page experience. Ensure that your website provides the best page experience update.

    Be it mobile-friendliness, or site loading speed, your website mustn’t disappoint users. The more visitors will love your website, the easier it will be for you to rank your website. Specifically, when Google is expected to roll some more updates concerning user experience.

  • 3. Sites with Great Content will Rule the Ranking Chart: This will be one of the top Google ranking factors in 2022. Google is now done with the websites having vague content, and delivering absolutely no value.

    In 2022, Google is believed to support only the websites that have some great & valuable content. Google wants its users to get some value with every website they visit.

    Thus, if your website incorporates something like spun or vague content, it’s time to think again. Hire a professional, or invest your own time to write a valuable piece of content.

    Google has already confirmed that RankBrain will be assessing the relevance of the content by checking out the timeframe that a user stays on the website.

    Thus, the things like bounce rate will also help Google in checking out the relevance of your content.

    To summarize, write content that makes people stay on the website. Be relevant, be direct, and avoid tactics like using spun content at all.

  • 4. Quality of Backlinks will Play a Decisive Role: Quality over quantity has been Google’s concept for years. However, expect the search engine to be a bit stricter with executing this content.

    Website owners buying low-quality links in bulk or spamming several forums all over the Internet need to analyze their tactics again.

    Google will now give preference to websites having backlinks from high-quality sources though in less number over the websites having backlinks from low-quality sources in large numbers.

    Thus, if you are a website owner, craft a strategy that invites backlinks from high-quality sources, rather than thinking of getting backlinks from numerous low-quality sources. If you succeed to do that, expect the journey to be smoother for you.

  • 5. Websites without SSL Certificate Might be Ignored: Most people don’t trust the websites not having the label of “HTTPS”. And, rightly so. After all, it’s all about security.

    Thus, Google might avoid ranking the websites not having SSL certificates. Google cares for the users, and it doesn’t desire to make them feel insecure by any means.

    So, expect the search engine to take some stringent measures to penalize these sorts of sites by several means.

    If your website doesn’t have SSL, and if you really want to do good in the Google rankings, reach out to your hosting provider, and get the SSL installed now.

These are some top expected Google ranking factors in 2022. If you are thinking to create a website, incorporating the above factors will definitely make Google like you and rank with ease. And if you are looking to rank your website and boost your online presence, do connect with us now.

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