How to create a personal brand on Instagram

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1.074 billion! No, it’s not just a random number, it’s the number of users using Instagram in 2021. This number is all set to rise exponentially next year.


Thus, you are at a major loss if you are trying to create a personal brand, and not using Instagram to its full potential.



With Instagram or any other platform, the start is the most difficult thing. With the plethora of options available, people often get overwhelmed and decide to follow the wrong ways. This is why several people fail to create a personal brand on Instagram.


This blog is about to give you a clear idea of how you can create your personal brand on Instagram. Happy reading!

Top Ways to Create a Personal Brand on Instagram

Check out the most reliable ways to create a personal brand successfully on Instagram below.


  1. Choose a Niche: The first step to creating your personal brand on Instagram; choose your niche. There are certain things you need to keep in mind when you select a niche.

    The niche you choose must match your likes and interest. Remember, once you select your niche and start creating your personal brand on that niche, you will have to work extensively on it.

    If your niche doesn’t match your likes and interest, you will feel bored and tired after a period of time and working extensively on it won’t be possible.

    Thus, the first step to creating a personal brand of Instagram; choose a specific niche matching your likes and interests.

  2. Create a Compelling Instagram Bio: The importance of a compelling Instagram bio matching your niche cannot be stressed enough.

    Remember, your Instagram bio will make the visitors know what you are all about. Thus, ensure that create a bio that is inviting, and eye-catchy.

    Try to use the keywords in your bio. Also, try to keep the profile picture such that it defines your niche. You can insert the links to your blogs or website in your Instagram bio.

  3. Schedule Your Content: One major requirement to be successful on Instagram is consistency. You need to keep on posting consistently. Scheduling your content in advance is one of the most reliable ways to be consistent.

    You can prepare a weekly or monthly content calendar to ensure that the posting of every Instagram post is streamlined.

    A content calendar helps you to avoid being random at all. The more efficient you are with your content calendar, the earlier you will achieve success on this platform.

  4. Use Relevant Hashtags Efficiently: Hashtags make people land on your posts when they make a search that matches the hashtag you have used. This is the reason that the importance of hashtags cannot be stressed enough.

    Ensure that you use every relevant hashtag on your Instagram post to increase your reach on this platform.

    You can also use hashtags on your Instagram Bio to increase your visibility, and thus to gain more followers.

    Your use of hashtags will play a decisive role in terms of deciding the timeframe of your success on Instagram.

  5. Collaborate: Collaborating with several brands and influencers is one of the most reliable ways to be successful with building a personal brand on Instagram.

    After all, what better than already established brands and influencers promoting you and your content?

    How can you collaborate with them? Tag their accounts in the relevant posts, reach out to them via email or other contact information they provide. Explain to them the value you can deliver with a collaboration.

    The way you pitch and the quality of content you post will play a decisive role in whether the brands and influencers collaborate with you or not.


As mentioned, Instagram is a platform that you can’t miss out on if you are out to create a personal brand. After all, 1.074 billion isn’t a small number.


If you are looking to create a personal brand, and Instagram is on your radar, the above tips will make the journey easy for you. However, you can count on The Digital Abode to simplify your journey even further. Collaborate with us, explain your niche to us, and allow us to do what we do the best. Waiting for you to reach out to us!

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