5 Tips to Run a Successful Email marketing campaign

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360% ROI! It’s a no joke. Just a stat for the people who feel email marketing is outdated. If you are a digital marketer or a business owner, you by no means can sideline email marketing, specifically with the ROI it offers.

What is Email Marketing?

Let’s start by getting the basics right. What does an email marketing campaign mean? Email marketing implies an email sent by a business to another business or individuals to market the products and services.


Ever received those promotional emails at your email address? In plain words, that’s email marketing.


Should you really invest efforts here? If reports are to be believed, more than 90% of people read their emails every day. This number amplifies your chances of success considerably.


But, more than 260 billion emails are sent every day. Yes, the number is high. You need to strategize your email marketing campaign efficiently to ensure that your email stands out in this stiff competition, and your email is actually read by the receiver.

How do you Run an Email Marketing Campaign?

So, how do you ace the email marketing game? We answer this question below. Have a read:


  1. Get your Target Audience Right: The first step, build a correct list of your target people. Of course, you can’t send emails to the people to whom your business is entirely irrelevant. It would not only make people feel that you are spamming, but your credibility would also degrade.

    Thus, ensure that your list of the target audiences is top-notch and relevant. Being irrelevant would subside the chances of achieving that “360% ROI”.

  2. Send Personalized Emails: Things like you using the name of your customer in your email, your address in the email, using your profile picture matter a lot when it comes to creating a positive psychological impact on the person’s mind.

    The more personal and relatable you are with your emails, the better are the chances of your email being opened and read. Avoid sending copy-pasted emails, as it eliminates the personal touch from your email.

  3. Use Technology Efficiently: When it comes to email marketing, there are various tools available that might not only help you to simplify your campaign, but also yield the desired results out of it.

    Several tools like email marketing templates, integration of your campaign with the platforms like WordPress, analytics, and much more must be used efficiently if you desire your campaign to rock.

  4. Content is King: Be it your website, or your email marketing campaign, it is your content that will help you to win the race.

    The content you write in your emails has to be appealing enough to make people read the entire email and take further action.

    Each and every word you write in your content must deliver some value to the readers, and give them a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) if they don’t take further action. Thus, the next tip to ensure a successful email marketing campaign; write top-notch content.

  5. Keep on Tracking Results: No matter what you do, keeping the track of results is extremely crucial to ensure that you are on the right track.

    Ensure that you keep on tracking the things like open rate, click rate, the number of conversions, as it will give you clarity on whether email marketing is actually working for you. You can prepare a sheet to record the daily, or weekly data and analyze the same.


We hope you are now clear with what does email marketing demand. As mentioned, ROI with this campaign is quite high, but you need to invest your efforts to achieve that. However, you can count on The Digital Abode to do it for you. Just reach out to us, explain to us your business, and allow us to generate the whooping numbers for it.

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