Top 5 reasons why Google can penalize your website

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“Oh, my website rankings have gone down, but I didn’t do anything wrong”. A statement or say a complaint from most website owners when their website rankings go down, and they even don’t know the reason for it.


With Google being this mighty, it is definitely a bit tough to figure out the reason for the unfortunate downfall of your website rankings.


But, hey, we have tried to make it a bit simple for you. How? Just keep reading this blog further.

Why can Google Penalize your Website?

So, if your website rankings are down, what are the most probable reasons for it? Why has your website been a victim of the Google penalty? Check out the answers below.


  1. Duplicate Content: One of the most common reasons that your website displeased Google. Google hates duplications, and rightly so.

    After all, you cannot expect your website to rank by using someone else’s content. If your website rankings have gone down, check out the plagiarism by using a reliable tool.

    If you find any plagiarism, change the content and try getting it ranked again. If you find everything clear, check out the other probable reasons for this penalty.

  2. Purchasing Backlinks: Well, if you are investing in purchasing backlinks in the lure of getting your website ranked, you are making a bad investment.

    You won’t only wrongly invest your hard-earned bucks, but also pull down your website rankings considerably.

    Google’s stronger than ever algorithm can clearly figure out the illegal backlinks, and it would take only a few minutes for it to take some harsh actions against your website.

    Thus, if purchasing backlinks is a thought in your mind right now, it is time to throw it away.

  3. Keyword Stuffing: Another big crime and sadly many website owners don’t know it. Firstly, you must know the meaning of keyword stuffing.

    Keyword stuffing implies using a keyword even when it is not required. In other words, excessive use of keywords is termed keyword stuffing.

    Keyword stuffing not only makes Google feel that you are spamming on your website, but it also degrades the readability of your website content, which ultimately degrades the user experience.

    It goes without saying that degradation in user experience means Google getting displeased with your efforts and penalizing you in terms of website rankings.

  4. 404 Errors on Your Website: Does Google penalize for 404 errors? Yes, it does. Google doesn’t want the users to experience any sort of issues on any website.

    404 error is one thing that often frustrates a user. If your website incorporates this error, the credibility of your website degrades, which eventually causes the search engine to penalize your website.

    If you have noticed a fall in your website rankings, check out every reference link you have used and ensure that none of them gives a 404 error.

    Remember, 404 is a more serious issue than it seems. If it is a part of your website, get rid of it without any delay.

  5. Slow Website Speed: It is a massive red flag when your website plays with the patience of the users. The slow website not only disappoints users, but it disappoints Google too.

    After all, no one will wait forever for your website to load. Visitors will eventually leave your website, which will increase the bounce rate. Google hates the high bounce rate.

    If the bounce rate of your website doesn’t come down soon, Google won’t take much time to pull your website down and avoid users landing on your website at all.


These are some of the top factors that you must check for when your website rankings are brought down by Google.


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