5 Secret Ingredients of a Good Website Design

Aashi Bhatnagar  | 5 min

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“Thinking about design is hard, but not thinking about it is disastrous.” - Ralph Caplan. A quote that is so apt, specifically when it comes to designing a website.


A bad website design can nullify the value of your good content, which can impact your website rankings terribly.


If you are about to design your website, there are certain designing things you need to keep in mind to ensure that the value of your content prevails. What are they? This blog answers the questions subtly.

How to Design a Great Website?

Time to address the elephant in the room. How do you design a killer website? Check out the list of some musts to do so below.


  1. Ensure a Responsive Website Design: Firstly, what does a responsive website mean? When a website fits perfectly with a computer, smartphone, and tablet, it is termed a responsive website.

    Imagine a person visiting your website from a mobile phone, and your website looks terrible. Will that visitor stay on your website? A big no. Most probably, he/she won’t visit your website ever again.

    For you to fit perfectly in the highly competitive digital world, your website has to fit in every class of device. Thus, the first rule or say tip to design a great website; ensure a responsive website.

  2. Be Consistent: Imagine landing on the website with some weird and confusing colour combinations. How much time will you spend on that website? Would you shop or subscribe to anything on that website? Of course, no.

    No one likes something that is inconsistent. Be it colour combination on your website, or website fonts, or anything, you have to stay consistent with every aspect of your website.

    A consistent colour scheme, fonts, and other website aspects will impart a positive psychological impact on a person, which is a great thing for your website.

  3. Don’t Over-Innovate: Be it for health, website, or anything else, anything over is harmful. Let’s discuss the websites here.

    Yes, you need to be innovative with website design to stand out, but avoid over-innovating, as it would make things complicated.

    There are numerous examples, where a website with a good concept has failed, and all due to over-innovation. In other words, design a beautiful website, yet keep it simple.

  4. Ensure Fast Loading Speed: Website speed matters, period! No one would wait forever for your website to load. No matter how good your website is, you cannot expect it to generate results for you, if it is slow.

    It’s always advised to keep on checking the website loading speed at regular intervals on all classes of devices. In simple words, the faster your website is, the faster you will be able to generate the results.

    Even, Google loves the website that is fast and doesn’t make the users wait forever. A fast website will simply increase the user experience, which will eventually improve your website rankings.

  5. Experiment, Track & Succeed: With websites, there’s no fixed success formula. Don’t restrict yourself in trying something new and seeing how it delivers.

    You are allowed to experiment with everything on your website until & unless it looks terrible or degrades the user experience.

    Be realistic with your experimentation and give your soul to it. Next, it’s also crucial to keep on testing the results your efforts are generating.

    After all, how would you know if your experiments are actually working out? By tracking things on a continual basis.


As mentioned, with website creation, the importance of a good website design cannot be stressed enough. It is your website design that will make users stay on your website, and eventually perform the actions that you want them to do.


However, if you want to design a website without any sort of design worries, you can count on The Digital Abode. We keep all the website design musts in mind and ensure that your business gets a perfect website. Thus, to design a strong online presence tool for your business, let’s connect right now!

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