5 PPC strategies for eCommerce website

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PPC has been playing a vital role to yield results for numerous eCommerce websites. As much as the competition in the eCommerce world keeps on increasing, the role of PPC is getting more and more crucial with each passing day.

If you are an eCommerce website owner and looking to ace the game of PPC to let your website thrive, this blog has some valuable stuff inside it. Just scroll down, and keep reading.

Most reliable PPC strategies for eCommerce website

Let’s see some of the best and the most reliable PPC strategies that will help your eCommerce website to thrive.


  1. Know the Demand & Supply Scenario Before Bidding: Of course, bidding is an integral part of PPC, but you might create a mess if not done correctly.

    You need to plan well before you bid for the keywords. Check out the analytics and see which keywords have been ruling the market for the last half-year or so. Also, analyze the factors like seasonal changes, the supply chart of the product you specialize in, etc.

    Ultimately, you must know which keywords are worth bidding for, and which keywords can you skip. It allows you to be specific, save your cost, and ace the PPC game.

  2. Use Dynamic Search Ads: Dynamic search ads are one of the most important parts of your PPC strategy. Most business owners ignore using these ads in their PPC campaign, only to regret the move later on.

    Of course, logical keywords are mandatory to use, but you need to remember that they are most competitive, and least profit-generating.

    Without Dynamic Search Ads, even the websites that are well-optimized with seed & long-tail keywords might miss out on the relevant searches. Even mighty Google states that Dynamic Search Ads are immensely important.

    You can boost the effectiveness of these ads by using advanced bidding tactics. Try to acquire a majority of converting DSA keywords as the results from these keywords are guaranteed.

  3. Choose the Correct Time to Show Ads: Do some research before you start your PPC campaign. Analyze the timeframe at which a major part of your target audience is active, and show the ads exactly at that time.

    Of course, you can show your ads 24/7, and you should, specifically when you are just starting your PPC campaign. Once you get a fair idea of at what time does your ad receives maximum organic & fruitful clicks, you can schedule your ads accordingly.

  4. Incorporate Product Specifications Without Fail: Just think of yourself as a searcher? What’s the easiest way to find a product on Google? Maybe, searching it with specifications?

    Including product specifications is necessary for PPC campaigns. Of course, keywords are the soul of your campaign, but when keywords won’t work, Google would fetch your business with the help of specifications you have incorporated and thus list your business accordingly in the results.

    Try to include keywords in the product specifications, think of yourself as a customer when you write the specifications, and be precise. Ensure that you provide every piece of information about your product in the specification.

  5. Focus More on High-Profit Generating Products in Bidding: When you bid, always give priority to high-profit generating products. Don’t hesitate to invest a bit more when you are bidding for high-profit generating products. After all, with the profit these products are yielding for you, they deserve some effort and investment from your side.

    You can also promote any offers, or promotional codes you are offering on these products in your PPC campaign. Focusing more on high-profit generating products will imply inviting the attention of your audience to these products, and maximizing your profit.


These are some cool PPC strategies that would help your eCommerce website yield the desired results for you. But, hey, are you still confused and looking for someone who can nail these strategies for your website? You need not worry anymore, as Digital Abode is here for you. Reach out to us, explain to us your vision, and allow us to produce the desired results for you.

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